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Professional Cake Cutting Service

Offered either with or without a cake purchase from our company.
Hire one of our professional cake cutters for your next event.

When a client purchases a custom cake from a bakery the cake is sold by the number of servings the cake will serve.
If your cake cutter is not familiar with the proper way to cut and serve the cake you can run short on the number of
servings you will need for your event. Or perhaps you are just short on help and need someone to help you cut and plate
your cake.  Our services are offered for any event and you do not have to purchase a cake from our company to hire a
professionally - trained cake cutter for your event.

2 hour minimum $50  This is for cake cutting services only.

We do not offer the following services:
1. We do not provide the plates, silverware, napkins etc.
2. We do not provide any cleanup after the event.
3. We do not help set up or take down anything for your event. We are only contracted to handle the cake cutting.
If asked by anyone at your event to help with any other services we will have to decline due to insurance requirements.

Our 2 hour minimum starts at the time we are asked to show up for the event.
Example: If your reception starts at 5 p.m. and you request that we show up at 4 p.m. your 2 hour start time begins at
4 p.m. and will end at 6 p.m. If you feel you will need more than 2 hours of cutting time additional hours can be
purchased at a rate of $25 per hour.

What we request:
1.  We asked that the cake for the bride and groom or any event be handled at the beginning of the reception or party. If
you do not intend to cut the cake at the start of the reception or party we ask that you schedule your 2 hour cutting time
close to the time that you intend for the cutting to start. Remember your 2 hour contracted time begins when we arrive at
the event.  This is important so that your cake can then be disassembled and the cutting and plating started.
(we do not hand deliver cake to your guest)
2. All supplies plates, silverware, napkins etc. need to be onsite when we arrive. Please remember we do NOT provide
any accessories.
3.  If we are asked to stay longer than 2 hours a $25 hour per fee is charged and is payable in advance.
We are not responsible if your event starts later than scheduled.  *note* depending on our scheduled in some instances
our staff may not be able to stay for additional hours. It is important that your cake cutting be handled as early as possible
so that you do not run out of contracted hours.
4. Cake cutting services are non refundable - you are contracting our company for 2 hours of cake cutting time only. If we
are not needed for the entire 2 hours there is NO refund on the left over time. We are only contracted to cut and plate the
cake. Once the cake has been cut and plated our staff has completed their contracted task and will leave the event once
this service has been completed.

Contact us for more information and to inquire about our availability for your scheduled event.

Contact us for more information
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