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Complete Buffet Cake Packages!
Complete with cake, dipped marshmallows, dipped oreos,
dipped pretzels & mini cupcakes!
Party cake designed to match your theme or ideas.
Everything will be custom designed to match!
Includes a little bit of something for everyone.
Note: trays &
stands not included.

Everything designed to match the party cake!

Sheet Cake Package
Sheet cake that will serve 28-30
12 cake balls
12 dipped marshmallows
12 dipped oreos

Mini Single Tier Cake Package
Single tier cake to serve 22-24
12 dipped marshmallows
12 dipped oreos
12 cake balls

Small Cake Package
2 tier cake to serve 36
20 dipped marshmallows
20 dipped oreos
20 cake balls

Medium Cake Package
2 tier cake to serve 50
24 dipped marshamllows
24 dipped oreos
24 cakeballs

Larger Cake Package
3 tier cake to serve 74
30 dipped marshmallows
30 dipped oreos
30 cake balls

Optional add on: Get all your items individually wrapped add
$10 to the cost of package.
Note: this cake is shown with a
custom built package (price for this
package is different from the
general price list.