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Taking your home baked cakes or cupcakes from drab to FAB with our custom made toppers!!
Place our handmade toppers to the top of your home baked cupcakes or cakes.
Save MONEY & have some FABULOUS cupcakes that your guest will rave about!!!
Commonly Asked Questions and Answers About Cupcake and Cake Toppers
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Q. What are cupcake or cake toppers?
A. Cupcake or cake toppers are pre-made edible creations that can be placed on your
home baked cakes or cupcakes.

Q. What are toppers made from?
A. Our flat cupcake toppers are made from edible fondant. Our 3d figures are made from
fondant and gumpaste.

Q. Are toppers edible?
A. Yes, toppers are completely edible and food safe.

Q. If I find a set in your gallery that I like can I change the colors?
A. Yes, we can modify colors but we cannot guarantee a color match.

Q. How long do toppers last?
A. Toppers when stored correctly will last for up to 1 year. Store toppers in a seal
container away from heat / sun and moisture. Sun and light will fade your toppers.

Q. I do not see anything in your gallery that fits our theme.
A. No problem, we are happy to custom create a set for you.

Q. What is the minimum purchase required?
A. Unless otherwise noted cupcake toppers are sold in sets of 12. Some of our 3d toppers
are sold individually.

Q. Do you offer shipping or how do I get my toppers?
Yes, we do offer shipping at $3.95 for 1 set and each additional set ships at .50 each.  If
you would like to pick up your toppers they can be picked up in Dora, Al (arrangements
will have to be made in advance to pick up your toppers) Dora is located 20 miles from
downtown Birmingham, Al

Q. How soon should I order my toppers?
A. We suggest you place your order 2-3 weeks in advance to ensure we can meet your
needs. If you will need 3d toppers we suggest a 3-4 week ordering time to allow for drying
of the items. NOTE: if you need your items sooner than 2 weeks please
contact us before
placing an order to ensure we can meet your needs. We are a custom order bakery that
also makes and sells custom cakes and there are weeks that our schedule is busier than
others. It is better to air on the side of caution if your event date is fast approaching. If you
will need a rush order there is an additional fee charge.

Q. Do you offer discounts for large orders?
A. We are sorry but no we do not offer discounts for large orders. All of our toppers are
hand made and not massed produced. And for this reason we cannot offer discounts on
large orders. The larger the order, the more work our staff has to do.

Q. I do not bake, can you make our cupcakes for us?
A. Yes, we do offer our cupcake toppers on our baked & iced cupcakes. Our minimum
cupcake purchase is 2 dozen for $30 PLUS the cost of the toppers you select.

Q. Do you offer delivery for your pre made cupcake orders?
A. Yes, if you order your cupcakes and toppers from our company we are pleased to
delivery them and set them up at your event. Delivery fee would be applied.

Q. Do you ship your decorated cupcakes?
A. NO, we do not ship completely decorated cupcakes or cakes. We only ship cupcake

Q. Can toppers be returned?
A. No, all sales of food items are non returnable. We also cannot guarantee a color match
and are not responsible if you do not order your toppers in a timely fashion to allow for
the making and shipping of your items.

If you question is not answered, please
contact us for more information. Thank you and
have a blessed day. The staff at Poshcakedesigns.
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