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permission. Have a question? Please complete this form and someone will answer your request within 24 business hours.
205-623-0707 - 205-563-9082
(note we are by appointment ONLY - if a client shows up without an appointment they will not be permitted into the store)

We would love to offer free delivery to your venue site but that is just something that is not
possible in todays economy.
Why are delivery fees charged? Because we have yet to find anyone that is willing to give up their time to
make deliveries for us and NOT get paid for their time. We have to cover payroll, gas and business
insurance, etc. for deliveries

Delivery fee:  $1.00 per mile from zip code 35148
To determine your fee please use mapquest. Sumiton, Al  35148 as starting location and your venue  address as the
ending location to determine the number of miles to your location. Look at the number of miles and this will tell you what
your fee would be for delivery.
For example if you mileage shows 38.6 your cost would be $38.60 for delivery.

OR an appointment can be made to pick up your cake from our shop.
Pick ups are handled by appointment ONLY! Clients cannot show up at their leisure to pick up their
cake orders.
(located 22 miles from the I20/59 Arkadelphia Exit #123

As a reminder - clients are not permitted into our shop without a scheduled appointment - this includes
cake pick ups.

While it is generally not a problem for clients to transport smaller cakes, self-transporting any cake is
at your own risk. Any cake taller than 3 tiers requires our delivery service.
Posh Cake Designs is not responsible for any damage that may occur to any client-transported cake
once it has left our possession
. Client takes sole responsibility for self transported cakes.
We take photos of each cake before it is picked up by the client to show the condition in which the cake
left our facility. If you get into a wreck, had to slam on your brakes, the door accidently closed and hit
your cake, you hit a pothole, you drop it while taking it from the car -
whatever the reason if you
damage the cake after it is picked up that is a loss that Posh Cake Designs is NOT responsible for.

We recommend that cakes be picked up in an SUV or that you have a large cleared out trunk space.
You agree when you pick up your cake that Posh Cake Designs is NO longer responsible for anything may or
may not happen to your cake during transit and delivery to your table.

Minimum cake purchase 45.00
Proudly serving Birmingham Al and Surrounding Cities
Closed: Sunday  & Wednesday

Monday & Tuesday are reserved for cake consultations & testings by

Tuesday - Thursday - Friday -Saturday
By appointment only!

There is NO entry into our shop without a SCHEDULED appointment -
this includes cake pick ups.
You can NOW reach our company via text messaging!
Text your general cake questions or inquiries to: