Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. What is a custom bakery?
A custom bakery is unlike a retail discount store.  Your cake is made to match your party theme or compliment your color scheme. Your cake is made FRESH for your
event. Your cake will not be sitting in a freezer or on a shelf for weeks or months. Unlike discount retail stores we CARE about your event. You are not just another sale
for us. We love what we do and we take great pride in our work. We would rather have 5 happy clients each week verses a 100 cake sales per week.
A note from Posh Cake Designs: We have clients ask us why custom cakes are not priced like a retail store.  Well for starters we are not a retail store. Our cakes are
not mass produced and bought from an outside supplier. Our cakes are custom made for each client. We custom make cakes based on our clients theme, invitation or
ideas. You cannot walk into a retail store like Walmart and ask them to make a 3d replica of your car etc. As with any custom order you place with any company the cost
is higher because the design is custom made to your specifications. Our minimum rate charged for a cake is $40. Even if you need a cake to serve only 1-10 the cost at
a minimum would be $50.

2. Can a client stop by and visit your store?  NO
WE ARE NOT A RETAIL WALK IN BAKERY. My shop is certified under the "Alabama Cottage Law" and work is done from my home - I am legal with the Department of
Public Health to sell custom cakes etc. for public consumption. Click her to view certification certificate from the Department of Public Health. More information about
Alabama Cottage Law click here to be directed to their site.

3. Do you have displays of cakes that can be viewed?
Yes, Due to the massive amount of cakes & goodies we have created over the years all of our sample photos can be viewed on our social media
sites. We have HUNDREDS of cake designs we have made for clients that you can view online @
 Facebook or Instagram

4. Do you keep cakes on hand for sale?
No, every cake we make is made FRESH as it is ordered. (the only exception is on holidays when we have some pre-made items for sale) Those holiday days include:
Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas - during this time we have premade cupcakes and cakeballs to fit the holiday theme ready for sale.  5. I need a cake within 2 or 3
days can you accomodate my order? It depends on our schedule and the size of the order you need.  We do charge a rush fee for cakes needed within a 7 day time
frame. Sometimes we can work in a rush order and sometimes we cannot.  6. I see a cake of yours online that I like. Can I make changes to it? Yes, we are happy to
make changes to any cake shown on our website.  7.  I do not see a cake that I like online can you custom make a cake based on our theme? Absolutely, we can send
you ideas. If you have an invitation, theme, plate etc. we can design your cake around your decor. Note we do not and cannot guarantee a color match.  8. I found a cake
design from a search engine online. Can you make a replica? Usually yes, but understand all cake artists have different techniques when they make a cake and your
design could vary a little. We do our best to make a good match but there could be some variations.

9. Is a testing necessary?
It is dependant upon the client and their preference. I hold testings each Thursday. Testings are done from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.& 4 p.m. - 6 p.m. by APPOINTMENT only
Clients are alloted 30 minutes per consultation/testings. There is a $20 fee charged at the time of reservation . Flavors we offer: white, yellow, marble, chocolate,
strawberry, red velvet, lemon.   NOTE: our  testing schedule books up weeks in advance and we do not keep a waiting list for cancelled appointments.  Just like our
customcakes our sample cakes are made fresh. In the event that you cannot make it to a consultation we do offer a mail order testing feature that is personalized to
your taste. Click here for mail order testings.

10. How do I find out the price of a cake?
If you see a cake of ours online that you like or if you want something custom made contact us via this online request form and we'd be happy to provide you with a
quote. The more information you provide the easier it will be for us to give you a quote.

11. Do you have a minimum purchase amount?
Yes, we charge a $50 minimum for cake orders. Which means the minimum charged for a custom cake is $50 regardless of how many it needs to serve.
We get tons of request for our smallest 2 tier cakes. Our smallest 2 tier cake available serves 34-36 and the starting price is $85. Depending on the amount of
detailing you want it could increase the cost but normally this is our price unless you are needing 3d figures added to the cake.

12. Do you take phone in orders?
We prefer that clients contact us via email so that we can have a written record of your request. If you are needing cupcakes or something small we can take the order
over the phone, but you would be required to approve and sign your cake order contract electronically unless your order is placed during a consultation.NOTE: Payment
for cakes are due in ADVANCE! No cake is made until full payment has been received. See our
booking policy for detailed information!  We only accept 5-10 orders per
week and requires an ADVANCE reservation and payment! We do NOT take C.O.D.
(no exceptions) Our schedule books up quickly so if you wait 1-2 weeks before you
need a cake chance are we will not be able to take your order.  All of our clients need their cakes at different times of the week and we are either in the kitchen filling
orders, making deliveries or in a consultation. The best way to get in touch with us is electronically because we do respond to messages after hours. Our number is
205.304.1718 please note if we are busy filling orders your call may not be answered - you can leave a message.

13. How do I place an order?
Once you and Poshcakedesigns have decided on the cake details and if your event date and time are available. We will send you an information request form. Once
you complete this form you will be directed to our secure checkout to finalize your payment. All events that are within 30 days of reservation require full payment at the
time of booking. In other words if your event is within 30 days you would be required to pay your full balance at the time of reservation.  For cake orders that are MORE
than 30 days out a client can pay a  50% deposit and the balance is to be paid in full 30 days before the event date. ALL FINAL CAKE BALANCES ARE DUE 30 DAYS IN
ADVANCE OF YOUR EVENT DATE. Once we receive both the form and your deposit or payment we will send you a contract that will outline the full details of your order.
Disclosure: By law a client has 3 business days to cancel their order or deposit after it has been made. After 3 days your deposit and or payment are non cash
refundable but kept on file for 1 year for a future order.

14. I am on a budget, can you work with me?
Sometimes yes, it just depends on your budget and what you are wanting. Please understand if you are wanting a cake to serve 100 guest that we charge per serving.
Which means you are charged for 100 servings.
So please do not contact us with an unrealistic budget. Also if you are wanting a 3d style cake those prices START at
$100. Final price is determined by the design and the estimated time our company will have invested in your cake. Please understand if we spend 8 hours on your
cake we get paid for 8 hours of work. Even some of our smallest cakes take 4-5 hours from start to finish. From baking - decorating and cleaning up it cost money to
run a business. It's more than just throwing a cake in an oven. Aside from baking, we spend time consulting with clients either online or in person about their order. We
have to make up our icing, decorations, cover cake boards, assemble your cake and finally clean up once we are done, then deliver or meet you to get your cake.. We
have to cover payroll, rent and other business related expenses.
We are NOT hobby bakers - this is our business!

15. What is your payment policy and how do I pay for my order?
Once you inform us that you would like to place an order and the details have been worked out. You will be sent an information form to complete. This form is used to
write up your official contract. After you fill out this form you are directed to our secure checkout to finalize your payment. All events that are within 30 days of reservation
require full payment at the time of booking. For example: if your event is within 30 days you would be required to pay your full balance at the time of reservation.  For
cake orders that are MORE than 30 days out a client can pay a  50% deposit and the balance is to be paid in full 14 days before the event date. In other words ALL cake
balances are due in full 14 days before your event date. If your payment or deposit is not made within 24 hours after completing the information form your event date
will be made available for other clients. After 24 hours you will need to contact us to see if your event date is still available. If after 24 hours you submit your payment
and your date has been reserved by another client you will be issued a full refund. All payments are handled online with a credit or debit card. Orders are 1st paid 1st

16. How do I pick up or receive my cake order?
We either offer optional delivery for a fee / or your order can be picked up around our delivery schedule by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Clients are required to schedule a pick
up time and day.  SHOWING UP ON TIME is very important! Due to our delivery schedule it is imparitive that clients show up on time. If you schedule an appointment to
pick up your cake and do not show up on time and we have deliveries that need to go out we will not be able to wait on you and you will need to contact us to
reschedule a pick up time. We thank you for understanding & cooperation. 205.304.1718 *text or phone

17. Do you ship your cakes?

18. I would like to put in an application to work for you company - how is this done?
In the event that we have an opening our company will run an ad in the local paper - and a link to our job application will be posted with the ad.

19. Is there anything else I need to know before I place an order?
YES, you need to review our booking reservation policy for additional information.

20. Do you offer nut or peanut free cakes?
No, at this time we do not have nut/peanut free cakes.

21. I am on a vegan or gluten free diet. Do you offer those types of speciality cakes?
Yes, we do make vegan cakes.
Yes, we do make gluten free cakes.
NOTE: our pricing tier is not the same for regular cakes or speciality diet need cakes.

22. How do I know if my event date is available?
Visit our home page where we keep our calendar updated every few days. NOTE: Not all open dates are guaranteed available.
We book orders everyday with clients. We are growing in popularity and our repeat clients and their referrals are booking up our calendar each month.

Do you offer delivery and is there a fee?
Why do we charge delivery fees? Because gas, insurance and the time to make a round trip to and from a venue to drop off a cake has expenses involved.  Depending
on your location we will be spending a minimum of 1 or more hours driving to and from your location to drop off an order.

Delivery fees:  $1.00 per mile address:  Dora Al 35062
To determine your fee please use mapquest. Type in  Dora, Al 35062 as the starting location and your venue  address as the ending location to determine the number
of miles to your location. Look at the number of miles and this will tell you what your fee would be for delivery.  For example if you mileage shows 38.6 your cost would
be $38.60 for delivery.

                                         I do not see my question answered - how can I contact you?
Click on this link to
contact us - your questions or comments will be answered within 1 business day but usually sooner.

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