Cakes are generally made 2 layers high (approximately 3 1/2 - 4 inches high)
**depending on design selection tiers can be
2 inches in height**

We use the Wilton cutting guide to determine the number of servings per pan size. Please follow this
link to see how to cut the cake to get the
right amount of servings. Cake slice size 1 x 2 x 4 (which is about the size of a half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich folded in half)
NOTE: if
you intend to cut larger slices than recommended by the Wilton serving guide you will need to order MORE cake. Remember when you are having
a party or wedding you typically will be serving other food and a large serving of cake is often not necessary. Remember cake is served as a dessert
not a meal.

*This price listing is NOT used for our 3D carved cakes*

Filling is not included in this price.  Filling cost is $7.50 per tier. (buttercream filling is FREE)
Click here for more about filling flavors available information.

Below is the serving size guide for round and square cakes using the Wilton guide.
Sizes and servings
5 "  Serves 8    
6" Serves 12     
8" Serves 24     
9" Serves 32     
10" Serves 38    
11" Serves 45
12" Serves 56    
14" Serves 78    
16" Serves 100  
Sizes and servings
4" Serves 8
6 "  Serves 18      
8" Serves 32     
10" Serves 50     
12" Serves 72     
14" Serves 98    
16" Serves 128    

We work from a commercial kitchen but do NOT have a store front for walk in traffic.
We accept orders online or wedding consultations by appointment.
COST $40.

Our time is limited and all orders are done by booking/reservation with a
deposit and or payment due at time of booking to reserve your date.

Buttercream iced cakes $2.00 per servings
Buttercream iced with fondant detailing $2.25 per serving
Cakes Covered ENTIRELY In Fondant Start
$3.00 per serving
Carved 3D Style Cakes START $100.00
(price determined after style has been selected)
Gluten Free Cakes $3.75 per serving
Vegan Cakes $3.50 per servings

Basic iced sheet cakes with NO addition of
fondant or 3d figures or filling. What is basic iced? that means you get the cake with icing and a
border and optional text on the cake. Any additions will result in additional fees.

*price applies ONLY to basic iced cake with NO addition of fondant, flowers, art work, filling etc.)

1/2 sheet serves 40-50 $40.00 (this is for a basic cake with LIMITED detailing)
Full Sheet serves 80-100 $95.00

Edible image added to cake $10.00

Some designs require more time and skill and therefore are priced accordingly.  Add ons such as
fondant, handmade figures or handmade flowers increase the price of the final product. Our prices
guide is the starting 'base' price. Depending on your design selection your price can be affected.

We use the Wilton cutting guide to determine the number of servings per pan size.
Wilton cutting link -serving size 1 x 2 x 4
Below is a sample of how the serving slice should look when cut.
Click on image to enlarge

All wedding orders come with a FREE 1 year anniversary cake. No need to save your top tier!!
All 1st & 2nd birthday cake orders come with a FREE color matched smash cake.
No other company in Birmingham gives you a free 2nd birthday smash cake with your order!
Our minimum cake purchase amount is $40.00 Which means the least amount we charge for a custom, fresh, make
to order cake is $40.00
(minimum does not apply to cupcakes, peanut butter balls or dipped strawberries)
ALL Orders placed and needed within a 7 day period would incur a $20 rush fee
(no exceptions)
Below is a sample of how the
serving slice should look when cut
1 x 2 x 4
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