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To ensure accuracy we do not accept phone in orders.

Each cake we make is made as it is ordered and reserved. We do not keep cakes on hand for

All custom cake sales are FINAL. Concerned about the taste of our cakes?
Click here for taste
testing options available to you before you place a purchase.

If you are price shopping or anticipate that your event could be cancelled or that you may change
your mind for any reason please do not place a non refundable deposit or make any payments.  

REQUESTING information does not hold a date for you.

Cakes needed within a 7 day time frame will incur a $20 rush fee.

Deposit  and any payments made are applied towards cake order. All cake orders are to be paid in FULL
30 days prior to event. Final payment not received 30 days prior to event date will result in your order
being cancelled and deposit and any payments paid will be forfeited.

Question: What is the requirement for reserving an event date if we are not certain of the details for the
cake we want but we are certain we want Posh Cake Designs to make our next cake?
Answer If you are unsure of the design but are certain you want our company to make your next cake we
require a
$40 non refundable deposit to reserve your event date and time. As a reminder all cake balances
are due in full 30 days prior to your event date.

Any and all changes to cake orders have to be made 30 days in advance of the delivery date. Depending on
the changes requested it can affect your final billing which will be disclosed to you at the time changes are
requested and you will be required to sign an adjusted contract. Your confirmation of the adjustments will
be handled electronically. If we do not get a finalized adjustment confirmation back the original terms will
be set in place. If the requested changes result in additional fees they too must be paid 14 days prior to
delivery or the original contract will be set in place.

Cancellation Policy - All deposits / payments whether 50% or more are non refundable if you cancel your
order for any reason. We do however keep the total deposit/payments on file and are available for use by
the client for a future cake purchase up to ONE year from the cancellation date provided a 21 day notice
prior to the event date has been received. In order to receive credit for your payment/deposit you must
notify Posh Cake Designs 21 business days prior to your event date. Cancellations must be in writing and
can be sent to us via
e-mail. If you cancel 20 business days prior to your event all payments/deposits will
not receive in house credit and all monies paid will be forfeited.  Within that one year period the monies
paid can be put towards the original purchase or another cake. The order will require an advance
reservation to ensure we can get you on the schedule.

What does your deposit and or payment cover and why are they non cash refundable?
1. Your deposit and or payment(s) ensure that your agreed upon cake order will be delivered on the date
and time needed.
2. When you agree to reserve a date with us you are keeping future clients from reserving the same date
and or time slot. Depending on the size of your order it could result in our company having to turn future
clients away 2 or 3 days in advance of your order being due. When this happens your confirmed booking
can cost our company to lose sales.
3. Once your order has been placed and your deposit and or payments paid we start preparing for your
order by purchasing supplies, drafting design layout and possibly turning down future orders to
accommodate your reservation. From the time that your deposit/payment is accepted our company has
invested cost.

Customer Service:
If there is a problem with your cake order after it has been received you must notify us within 36 hours
205-304.1718 or
email.  You MUST also keep the cake or cakes for us to see or taste the problem. With  
any refund/store credit at any business you are required to produce the product in question and we have
the SAME policy.  
If we decide that your claim is valid after seeing/tasting the product we will offer you in
store credit towards another cake not a cash/credit/debit refund. If you elect to eat the cake or part of the
cake NO consideration will be given to your claim.  RETURN IT IN FULL TO US WITHIN 24 HOURS. If
you wait longer than 36 hours we
will not give any consideration to your claim. If an in store credit is
issued clients have 1 year to redeem their credit. Our cakes are made fresh to order and they must be
returned within a reasonable time for us to see or taste the problem. Since there are individuals that like
to file false claims with the credit/debit card companies we keep each and every email,  electronically
signed an approved contract,  logged ip address and a photo of the finished product on file provided the
order has not been cancelled. In the event that you file a frivolous claim with your  card company we will
supply them with every bit of information we have on file pertaining to your order and your agreed upon
contract which clearly states our policy that all custom cake sales are final and that we do not offer
cash/debit refunds. The card company will also be informed that each client that books an order with us
has an opportunity to sample our product before they make a purchase. There is no excuse to decide after
you have received your cake that it didn't taste as you expected. You do have the chance to purchase a
testing cake before you place an order. We ask that if you are concerned with taste of our cakes then
please purchase a sample cake. If you book with us after you receive your testing cake your small initial
investment is deducted from your balance.

Shipping Policy for (whoppie pies, cupcake toppers, chocolate shoes, glassware, clothing) we are not
responsible for 2nd party handling during shipping. We package each item with bubble wrap to help the
transit however we cannot guarantee how your package will be handled by a mail carrier. We advise clients
to purchase insurance for their product to protect their purchase. If insurance is NOT purchased there will
be NO refund or in store credit issued. If an item is broken by the postal carrier they will be the one to file
a claim with but only if you purchased insurance. The postal service will not refund anything to customers
if insurance is NOT purchase.

Our Baking Policy:
We bake all of our cakes FRESH to order. NO cake is ever made more than 2 days out. This ensures that
your cake will arrive fresh and moist. We have a vested interest in our product and will only send out
items which meet our strict baking policy.  

Items We Cannot Be Held Responsible For:
1. Please understand if you order a fondant covered cake NOT all of your guest will like the taste or
texture of fondant. We are not responsible if your guest peel off the fondant and eat just the cake with the
thin layer of butter cream that will be underneath. Some of our cakes especially our 3d cakes do require
that we use fondant to finish them - some cakes depending on the style would not look as detailed and
realistic in buttercream.  At the time you contact us we would let you know if the style of 3d cake you
select would need to be finished in fondant.
2. We are also not responsible if you order more cake than needed. When you place your order please be
sure of the number of servings you will need and please reference the cutting guide to get the correct
number of servings. We are also not responsible if you cut your cake slices larger than recommended and
you run out of cake. Please view this
link to see how to cut the cake to get the correct number of servings.
(click on the cake image to the left of this page to see how your slice should look when cut.) If you intend
to cut your cake slices larger than show in this cake photo you will need to order additional cake. We use
Wilton pans and their recommended cutting guide to get the right amount of servings. Cutting guide does
NOT apply to carved 3d cakes. Carved cakes are done at an estimated serving size. We cannot guarantee
the number of servings for a carved cake. If after the cake has been completed and we deem necessary to
make more servings we will provide you with additional cupcakes to complete the order (this is done at our
discretion after the cake has been finished and will only be done if we feel the number of servings from
the carved cake will not be enough)
3. We are not responsible if you select a cake and cake flavoring that you or your guest do not like. We do
not offer any 'exotic' flavors. We keep it simple by providing basic flavors that mostly everyone is familiar
with (white, yellow, butter, chocolate, strawberry, lemon, marble) If you are concerned about the taste of
our cakes we do have taste testing options available.
Click here for details.
4. We are not responsible if any of your guest are allergic to nut or milk products. Please make your guest
aware that our products can contain nut and milk products. It will be your responsibility to cover any
allergy concerns with your guest.
5. We are not responsible if your event is cancelled  for any reason(s) including weather or acts of God as
we have no control over them.
6. In the event that you supply us with a cake photo from another bakery and want it replicated please
understand that each baker has their own style and there could be a few variations to your finished cake.  
Also NOTE: if you supply us with a photo of a cake finished in fondant and request the cake to be made in
buttercream your finished cake will not look as smooth and sleek as the photo you have provided.
7. Icing - we make our own buttercream icing which is made with (shortening, butter, powdered sugar,
milk, and flavoring) Presently the only other cake covering we provide is fondant. We do not make any
other types of icing.
8. For cakes that will be picked up: Please understand that cakes require special handling while in the car.
Normal driving can cause your cake to tip over, fall or slide up against something. You agree when you
pick up your cake that Posh Cake Designs is NO longer responsible for anything may or may not happen
to your cake during transit and delivery to your table. Photos of your finished cake will be made prior to
pick up.
9.If delivery is desired the table(s) should be assembled, covered, and in place before agreed upon delivery
time. Once cake(s) is set up the table
should not be moved. Cake Decorator is not responsible for any
flowers (silk or live); to be used on cake provided by florist or others. Florist should not insert bare stems
into cake. We will gladly assist the florist in arrangement of the flowers on the cake. If your florist or
another individual is to put flowers or any other items on the cake we are not responsible for the cake or
anything that may or may not happen to the cake when flowers or other items are added by a 3rd party.  
Please do not have the cake table(s) set up next to a stage or speakers. We are not responsible for
vibrations or falls that may occur once your cake has been set up.  Loud vibrations such as music when
placed next to a cake cause the cake to move or shift. Placing a cake next to a dance floor is never a good
idea since one of your guest could bump into the table.
. When the cake is
set up at delivery place Posh Cake Designs is no longer responsible for the cake(s). It will be the clients
responsibility to ensure that individuals do not come along and touch or move the cake after it has been
set up.

*carved cakes are made at an 'estimated' serving size and cutting guide does not apply*

Need your cake delivered? There is a $1 per mile charged from zip code 35148 to your venue address.  

For clients that pick up their cakes they agree that once the cake is picked up if it is damaged in anyway
once it leaves our hands Poshcakedesigns is no longer responsible. Photos of all finished cakes are taken
before orders are picked up. Traveling with a tiered or sculpted cake is risky if you are not familiar with
how to travel with a cake. Swerving, hitting bumps, slamming on brakes, removing the cake from the car
and to the table etc. is the clients responsibility once it leaves our shop.
Basically clients assume all
liability for the cake after it is picked up.
Below is a sample of how
the serving slice should
look when cut.
Click on image to enlarge
We are pleased to announce
that clients under a contract
can now make additional
payments towards their
purchase if any balances are
24 hours a day / 7 days per
week you can visit
Checkout counter
to make a payment on your
Note: unauthorized payments
will be returned!
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